Monday, August 9, 2010

Clue Day!

Last week I unveiled an upcoming trip that I am taking with Katie from The Small Boston Kitchen that is happening in just a few short weeks!  Since my excitement and anticipation has been building each day for this little trip- I've decided to continue to bring you all along with a new clue today!  A little Monday afternoon guessing game!

Last week, as we kicked off our game of I Spy, all I saw was green.  
Today- I Spy:  An Oyster!  

And to help you a long- Katie is hosting her own guessing game and last week all she packed to go with her was a Compass to head West.

Let the guessing begin!


Sunday Cook said...

I am guessing Ireland for an oyster shucking competition?

Boston Food Diary said...

OH I LOVE that idea! I would love going to Ireland however sadly this is not the trip for that...

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