Monday, August 23, 2010

Locally Featured: Wilson Farm, Lexington, MA

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to eat an amazing multi course dinner in the very field in which the the vegetables were grown.  Of course everything was delicious that evening, from the eggplant spread to the fresh berry dessert, but what was even more wonderful was the atmosphere that we dined in.  Wilson Farm is a beautiful farm, and the people who run it as just as impassioned as their ancestors who began it 1884.  

Wilson Farms was founded by three Irish immigrants, on just 16 acres of land in Lexington.  At that time they grew just a few vegetable crops, and similar to other farms during that time, they would haul their goods into Boston and sell them at Quincy Market.  Today however, Wilson Farms supplies much more than the limited crops they began with.  Their farm has been expanded to 33 acres in Lexington, and an additional 500 acres in Litchfield, New Hampshire.  

Wilson Farm is producing over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs on their own land. This means that every year they are bringing their patrons the very best of the season, in the height of their life.  They are open year round, so even when the cold winters of Massachusetts halt our ability to grow luscious fruits, they will seek out the best to bring in for us.

Wilson Farm spends a great amount of time learning the weather and insect patterns and predictions each year, and has learned how to combat both threats.  Using these methods, they know about insects in their larvae stage, and can eliminate them right then and there, with methods based on the type of insect they are, and without harming the crops.  Their greenhouse monitors the temperature, and adjusts based on what is needed for maximum natural growth.

Wilson Farms doesn't stop at their crops alone.  They offer their own eggs, they bring in local milks and cheeses to sell in their store.  Their chef, who we met a while ago Chef Todd Heberlein, makes an enormous amount of mouthwatering foods that they package and sell for remarkably low prices.  Think - a complete chicken dinner-sides and all. Their selection of dips and the like is more than extensive- and creative. Their bakery is chock full of delicious pastries and their floral department puts out the most beautiful arrangements.  Wilson Farm is so much more than a farm stand- they can meet your every food and ambiance need- all in one place staffed by unbelievably helpful people.

Wilson Farm offers a full range of activities at their Lexington location throughout the year, and welcomes all of us to stop by and check them out.  I must say, in true local spirit-that is very neighborly of them! 

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Larissa said...

Great photos! I used to love shopping there when I lived in Lexington, wish it wasn't such a shlep now!

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