Sunday, August 22, 2010

Productivity and Leftovers

I feel as though I have had an incredibly productive day! First, I caught up on some sleep, which I feel like I have desperately needed to do, then I did some writing and then headed out to get a whole host of errands (read shopping) done before Seattle next weekend. I may have gotten stuck in a little rain as well :-)

Back home again I got a bunch of cooking done, since this week is going to be crazy, I apparently cooked for the whole thing tonight :-)

Now I'm just waiting for John to get home and enjoying the rainy evening.

Since i'm going to have a ton of leftovers this week, what is your favorite thing to eat a second and third time?


Larissa said...

I love to eat chilis and stews again and again...they always seem to taste better as they age. Well, up to a point!

MichellePC said...

I love cold, leftover pizza and reusing leftover cooked meat in salads or sandwiches the next day (or two)!

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