Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tomato Saturday (with a guest appearance...)

I know everyone is all upset that it is getting to be fall, but man, I am LOVING this weather!! Gorgeous day here for the end of summer, crystal clear, sunny and warm. It was a perfect day for the Annual Tomato Festival at Wilson Farms out in Lexington, MA.

I had invited my mother, who doesn't turn down a visit to a farm stand well, ever, and fellow lover of all things tomato, to accompany me out there. We had a complete ball! The farm was buzzing with end of summer excitement and full bellies from all of the fantastic samples! Really a great celebration of the fantastic fruit.

My mom's dog Ziggy was very sad that he did not get invited to the Tomato Festival as well...I hope he gets over it!

Over all it has been a great eating day for me, starting off with the big breakfast for John this morning that I made of scrambled eggs, the sugar donut muffins that he loves so much, and I tried my hand at making more sausage made from turkey ( yum)! The best part is the John agreed that the little patties I made do, in fact, taste just like real sausage just leaner. YAY!

Tonight, there is some Chinese food in my future.

In case you are wondering, Wilson Farms will be hosting their festival again tomorrow, 11 am to 4 pm.


The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Love the pic of little Ziggy and I'm going to be asking for the sausage recipe!

(Less then a week until SEATTLE!!!)

Boston Food Diary said...

Yay! You're home! Isn't he adoreable? So funny! Recipe is yours....though I gotta figure out measurements. Yum no guilt sausage!

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