Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Elements of Taste- Cafe Fleuri, Langham Hotel, Boston

Can you imagine spending a full afternoon indulging in the most decadent of treats- chocolate?  A whole afternoon sampling and tasting the dark rich treat, an afternoon full of decadence, and complete luxury? The dream becomes a reality at The Langham Hotel located in the heart of the city's financial hub, and steps away from historic Faneuil Hall.  Each Saturday, September through June, the Langham hosts a Chocolate Bar, a buffet full of the king the of desserts. 

The Chocolate Bar has been a standing tradition at The Langham for the past 22 years, and each year they are dedicated to bringing something new and fresh to the forefront.  This year they are basing their buffet around the Five Elements of Taste: Sweet, Savory, Sour, Salty, and Bitter.  Each dessert is designed to exemplify one of these elements, and combined together, all of your taste buds are part of the party.  Sweet is exemplified by tastes such as a White Chocolate Strawberry Parfait, or a Valhrona Gianduja Tart that tasted like the delicious part of a certain candy often put out during the holidays.  Bitter, a seemingly challenging element to conquer for dessert, was achieved flawlessly with a Chicory and Hazelnut Torte.  Savory this year takes on a whole new form for The Langham Hotel, as they are, for the first time, adding bacon to a dessert.  They are incorporating it into a banana meringue tart, where the meringue is as delicious as a melted marshmallow, lightly browned on top and then topped with peppery bacon.  Sour was captured with a delicate Raspberry Dome.  And finally, the Salty component was a delicious Manjari Pave with Fleur de Sel.  This is truly decadent- a dark, rich, flour less chocolate cake, with a light sprinkle of Fleur de sel.

The chocolate bar is absolutely a decadence not to be missed.  Reservations and more information can be found at: 

Not only does the Langham have their decadent Chocolate Bar on Saturdays, they also host a City Brunch on Sundays, full of delicious treats like Steak Carpaccio, fresh mozzarella cheese with local tomatoes, shrimp cocktail salad, pears wrapped in duck prosciutto, and beet salad with whipped goat cheese. 

I had actually never been to The Langham before last night's showcase of their new chocolate bar and city brunch, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Not only is the interior of the hotel absolutely gorgeous, every person who assisted us was friendly and incredibly helpful.  I am excited to return to the Langham to check out their offerings in more detail!   


Delicious Dishings said...

Chocolate brunch... I must go!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Can I call dibs on going to the Langham again with you? It was al so good!

umommy said...

looks amazing! thanks for sharing.

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