Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Midpoint

Ahh Sunday morning-after a weekend as relaxing as this...well it just brings a great feeling of happiness. Yesterday was spent with some great eating. I made a lovely little breakfast, well let's call it brunch, of a little play on green eggs and ham, and then after helping to celebrate a great birthday, John and I headed to Eastern Standard to have dinner.

I swear every time I go to Eastern Standard it just gets better and better. Last night I had the smoked pork "porterhouse"- deeeeeelicious! John enjoyed their steak frites again and was very happy again with the choice. We couldn't resist splitting the Butterscotch Bread Pudding. I have heard about this dish for years and how amazing it is, well let me just say it lives up to the hype! You have to give it a shot the next time you head over to Eastern Standard.

Now I'm just enjoying the morning with a few chick flicks on tv, and gearing up for a trip to SoWa for the Food Truck Festival!

1 comment:

christine said...

dude, so in love with eastern standard as well. a single bite of butterscotch pudding is enough to send anyone aswoon. did you enjoy the food truck festival? love to hear (and see) your recap! cheers, christine //

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