Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Productivity At It's Best

Ohhhh my it was a busy day today!!  I took the day off to get some stuff accomplished, and boy- did I!  I started off by trekking over to Somerville to take photos of a spot that I am writing an article on for Dine and Cook,  an online publication that has been up and operating since Memorial day.  Then I headed over to the Stop and Shop lunch in the South End-which really was amazing.  A great meal,  informative presentations and the company of some great food writers- that's my kind of lunch!  After that I headed back over to the water front to take some photos for an article I wrote for another website.  It was a picture perfect day so I'm hoping the shoot went well!!!

Later John and I headed to our friends, Paul and Meaghan's, to enjoy a delicious meal with them and, of course, enjoy their lovely company and that of their beautiful baby daughter.

It was a wonderful day- and I am feeling very accomplished...though now I have quite a few photos to sort through :-) 

Good night all- I'm going "a sorting"!

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