Saturday, August 28, 2010

International Food Bloggers Conference Day 2 - Lunch

After a morning full of blogging, Twitter, tips for good writing and advice, I was famished for lunch. During the last hour or so of the morning session the room was filled with delicious odors, herbs and onions predominated. As lovely as it smelled, it's affect was to drive my hunger level through the roof. When it was finally time to dive into the food, my hunger was reaching all new levels.

I reached the tent of food and wine as quickly as my legs would carry me, and was greeted with a plethora of people, food and wine. Chefs from all over the city had brought in tempting small plates for us to try. My first bite to try? Salmon carpaccio dressed with a light lemon thyme vinaigrette, and a small pile of greens. The carpaccio was a sight to behold, bright pink offset by the contrasting green salad. Each piece input into my mouth offered a sound of satisfaction, fully appreciative of the fresh flavors.

Next I enjoyed a helping of beef tartar, served with fresh bread and fresh arugula. Again here the colors of the pink meet were off set by bright green, but the flavors were far apart. The beef was mixed with mustard, herbs, salt and pepper, the spice a far cry from the freshness of the salmon. Deep, rich and meaty, the tartar satisfied my carnivorous soul, and I had to head back for seconds.

Finally I indulged in the Zucchini in Carpione with apricot purée and fennel. Zucchini fried lightly, and then treated with a vinegar based wash, resulted in fork tender Zucchini, with a flavor similar to cream. This was noth the most attractive dish, but it's dark tint reminded me of the fast approaching fall, and the root vegetables that would soon be here. I ate too quicklynfor photos....

Wine was plentiful in the tent, and as time passed on, voices became louder and the laughter more frequent. I suppose it comes as no surprise that when food bloggers unite, there is no shortage of both chatter, and bonding.


Meghan@travelwinedine said...

Oooooh sounds like SO much fun! I wish I was there!

Boston Food Diary said...

I wish you were too Meghan! Hopefully I'm doing an ok job of keeping you informed- as though you were here!

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