Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gearing Up for the Storm

Since I got home from Seattle I just have not had time to go to the grocery store. Tuesday night after the red eye home I basically collapsed for the rest of the day, and since John was craving Chinese anyway, we ordered in. The last night we had plans at Towne (amazing! Review posted earlier today) and since we were aiming to be there on the early side, I skipped it. Let me tell you- big mistake to leave going to the store until today! With crazy Earl on his way, the store was a nut house with last minute preparations! Lines stretched down the aisles, and all seemed to dashing around clearing the shelves.

How bad do we think this storm will actually be? Any predictions?

Anyway after finally making it through the store, I headed home and made one of my classic dinners- pork chops lightly marinated in lime olive oil and raspberry vinegar, and then grilled in a grill pan, with a big salad on the side with tons of veggies. It was exactly what I needed. Salad is basically a comfort food for me, I make them so often that there is total therapy in chopping the veggies, whisking the dressing, and then tossing it all together. Tonight's was especially good with a dressing I made with a wedge of blue cheese Laughing Cow cheese, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Since The Laughing Cow wedges are just 35 calories a piece, they make a great substitute for rich creamy blue cheese dressing. Very delicious.

So now, I'm gearing up for the great storm, and the long weekend. So excited! Happy Thursday!

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