Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Are We Paying New Hampshire's Bills?

Almost a year ago I made a little pilgrimage out to a terrific wine shop in North Andover, The Wine ConneXtion. At the time I remarkednon how great the store is, how low the prices were, how detailed the wine descriptions were and how diverse the selection of wines was. In short, I loved the store- I also purchased quite a few bottles of wine from them because just can't find wine at those prices normally. It's amazing what we will all do for deal right?

The Wine ConneXtion thinks it's a little silly too, so they are beating us to the punch and offering their low prices at their convenient location. Now they are taking this idea a step further. As long as I can remember, citizens of Massachusetts will "cross the border" to purchase alcohol and avoid Massachusetts taxes. The Wine ConneXtion is out to stop this practice.

They have begun a campaign to educate the people of Massachusetts on the real issues behind our foreign liquor purchases, and the prices that they are able to offer in comparison. This campaign includes handing out flyers and buttons to all of their customers. The crux behind their campaign? "Why are the people of Massachusetts willing to pay the Governor of New Hampshire's bills?". They have stated that they will cease their education of their customers if the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, heads down to Wine ConneXtion and purchases wine from them.

As someone who has contributed to this terrible practice, I have really been considering this since hearing about it. So often now we speak of buying locally, of minimizing our carbon foot print and, in these financial times, we talk about saving money. Why not meet all of these needs all at once? Wine ConneXtion offers that you can simply by sticking to Massachusetts and shopping at their store.

The full article appears below- what do you think? Why are we crossing the border to save on taxes?

My full review, from November 2009, can be found here:

The article discussed:

"Massachusetts-Based Wine Store Calls Out Governor of New Hampshire in Promotional Campaign

(Boston, MA)- “I guess we just got fed up with everyone wasting their money across the border,” said Tina Messina, Business Manager and Co-Founder of the Wine Connextion in North Andover, MA as she stuffed a promotional button with a crossed out picture of New Hampshire Governor John Lynch into a customer’s bag. The Wine Connextion, a unique wine shop concept opened by the brother and sister team of Sam and Tina Messina in October of 2009, offers customers extremely low-priced, high-quality wines by following market trends. The Wine Connextion prices not only rival/beat their Massachusetts-based competitors, but beats wine stores across the border into New Hampshire even with the lure of tax free shopping.

The store recently launched an awareness campaign to stop Massachusetts residents pilgrimage across the border to purchase wine. “The same purchases across the border are less expensive at our store even with the Massachusetts sales tax. So, not only are Massachusetts residents wasting money, gas and time, they’re throwing away tax dollars that help in their home state,” said Sam Messina, Wine Director and Co-Founder of the Wine Connextion.

The Messina’s launched their awareness campaign September 1, 2010 with promotional posters and buttons with crossed out pictures of the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch on them. Customers have been buzzing about the campaign asking “Why?” and the stock reply is “Do you want to pay for the Governor’s bills?...Because you are if you buy wine across the border.”

The Messina’s say the campaign is all in good fun and they have no personal vendetta against the Governor; but feel it is a great way to get the word out that Massachusetts residents can save money even while paying sales taxes that go to their home state. “We don’t have a problem with Governor Lynch, but we’re not going to let Massachusetts dollars flow over the border for wine purchases anymore. We’re going to get the word out. In fact, we’ll stop the campaign if Governor Lynch comes down and buys a bottle of wine with some New Hampshire money,” said the Messinas.
Until that day comes the Messinas will continue their campaign stating that “skywriting might be next” to get the word out.

The Wine Connextion is located at 117 Main Street in North Andover, MA and hours of operation are Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm, Saturday: 9am - 7pm and Sunday: 12pm - 6pm. So in the words of the Messinas, “Stop driving north and wasting time, money and tax dollars when purchasing wine!”

About The Wine ConneXtion:
The Wine ConneXtion offers customers a unique and innovative wine-purchasing experience at the First & Main Marketplace in North Andover, Massachusetts. The store offers "eXcellent wines at eXceptional prices" by providing the best wines in their categories with a no-fuss environment. With features like the Tasting Station, encouraging customers to taste and learn about the distinguishing features of wine before buying, the store marries innovative store design and technology with a long tradition of knowledge and experience. The result is our ability to select an assortment of quality wines at great prices and pass those savings onto our mainstream consumers and wine enthusiasts all over Massachusetts and beyond. The Wine ConneXtion is located at 117 Main Street, North Andover, MA 01845 and hours of operation are Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm, Saturday: 9am - 7pm and Sunday: Noon - 6pm. To reach the Wine Connextion directly please call (toll-free) 877-469-5025.""

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That would be fabulous if NH wasn't 5 minutes away, lol! We go to Harrington's in Chelmsford anyway...

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