Monday, September 6, 2010

Recipe Development and Recognizing the Convenience of the Web

Ok, it's official, I love Labor Day weekend. I think I especially loved that the "would be" Hurricane Earl kicked it off, ensuring that I was as lazy and relaxed as possible. I have spent the large majority of the weekend developing recipes- or as I like to think about it, letting my imagination run wild.

The best part about my weekend of the kitchen, whether it was time actually experimenting with flavors, or reading through old cooking magazines, I have been keeping in mind the idea of actually using measurements, and efficiently composing my recipes. I'm trying!!

On another note, on Saturday, my mother and I took to sorting through her old copies of cooking magazines, a few of which I saved from the library book sale fate for my own use. The most remarkable part of reading through these? Even as so many of the layouts, photography and voice has changed for present day, the crazy part was not a single ad had a web address attached to it. Instead they stated that for more information- call them. Call them! I remember, slightly, that time but jeese, the reality is crazy.

Otherwise, I hope to tantalize your senses this week with some amazing new recipes- recipes to welcome fall, say good bye to summer 2010, and help send your kids off to school with full lunch boxes!

Hope you all are enjoying the end of your long weekends!

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