Friday, September 24, 2010

Mayor Menino, with Union Bar and Grill, to Host a Benefit for the Richel Nova Trust

Some news stories are simply devastating and tug on your heart strings.  They are stories that you hear, and you cannot turn away from, they instill feelings in you, feelings of anger, or disbelief, or just plain shock.  On September 2, Boston was hit with one of these stories when we learned that Richel Nova, a hard working father doing all he could to make a life for his family, was lured to a house and killed for the pizza he was delivering and the less than $100.00 in his pocket.  The idea of this type of act occurring is outrageous, and terrifying. 

Mayor Menino, along with Seth Woods, Matt Burns and Jeff Gates, partners of The Aquitaine Group, and coming together to help the family of Mr. Nova.  On October 4th, they invite the city of Boston to come together at Union Bar and Grille to celebrate the life that was taken, donate to the Richel Nova Trust and share in a lovely evening of food and wine.  Tickets for the event run $125.00 per person, and include opening fall themed cocktails, and a 5 course dinner prepared by Chef Keenan Langlois of Union Bar and Grille, with assistance by Matt Gaudet of Aquitaine, Robert Jean of Sorrelina, and Rodney Murillo of Davios

A silent auction will also be held.

All proceeds from this evening go directly to the Richel Nova Trust.

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