Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hint Water, Naturally Flavored and Delicious

I've been keeping a bit of a secret.  A few months ago I was given a case of water to taste and talk to you all about, and, well, I've been saving it all for myself and haven't peeped a word of it.  Awfully terrible of me isn't it?  Well after this weeks late season heat wave, and I once again enjoyed the product and it's assistance in cooling me off- I thought it was about time.  The time has come to talk to you all about Hint Water.  

Have you all heard of this?  It's been popping up all over the place recently-I even saw it in Starbucks the other day.  So what is Hint Water?  It is pure, natural water, gently flavored with natural fruit and herbal flavorings, with no sugar.  Now normally, I like my water straight up, but Hint supplied just the slightest touch of flavor, well it made what can sometimes be a bit "ho hum" and made it interesting.  

Founder Kara Goldin created her product with the idea in mind of making that lovely water so often served in spas, ice cold, and flavored with rings of apples, or oranges, or cucumbers, in a portable format.  A bottle of Hint Water, and you can imagine that your sitting, wrapped in a comfy bathrobe relaxing.  

Hint Water is absolutely a refreshing thirst quencher- and one that I have been savoring.  Now, I know, it is not the most inexpensive product out there- but is it really that much more than that soda you were reaching for?  And it's SO much better for you!!

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Unknown said...

I tried this when I was in San Francisco and it was delicious! And I also ususally detest flavored waters. This one tasted so natural and fresh. I hope I see it around the 'ford soon! :)

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