Monday, September 20, 2010

Project Food Blog- Please Vote For Me!

Good Morning all!

Those of you who know me personally know that I have a severe love for for my blog.  It isn't just something I do to pass the time, it is a tool to help me explore and celebrate my passion in food.  Long before A Boston Food Diary began I was obsessed with food- and remember many a times bringing elaborate dishes to Saturday night parties where food wasn't perhaps the main attraction.  I did this because my brain never stops thinking about food, and A Boston Food Diary has been a great outlet for that.

Over the weekend I posted an entry titled Ready, Set, BLOG! This entry is part of a contest sponsored by FoodBuzz (whose ads you see on the site) for which I am a featured publisher.  The contest is to name the next Food Blog Star, and with the winning prizes in fame and fortune (seriously- top prize is $10,000).  If you have a few moments today- would you please vote for me?   

Thank you all so much!!!


Unknown said...

Hey Fiona,
Just wanted to let you know that all three members of the Tieuli family have enthusiastically casted our votes for you! Good Luck!

Boston Food Diary said...

You three make me SO happy! Thank you 1,000,000 times over :-) I really REALLY appreciate it!

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